Our Oils

Our Oil

We exlusively dedicate to the production of extra virgin olive oil : Cierzo and Arbara, which meet all the propierties we’ve learned to appreciate over the years: aroma, flavor, low acidity, colour and intensity.

An early harvest at the optimum maturity time and an immediate transfer to the mill avoid oxidations and aftertastes in our oil, preserving the quaility of our olives.

Using exclusively olives from our farms we ensure control of our oils. Early and rapid collection, even at the expense of a significant decrease in performance, at optimum ripeness, and an immediate transfer to the mill for grinding allow the olive come clean without undergoing oxidation or acquire aftertastes.

A cold extraction, as if orange juice was, allows our oils to get all their attributes.

  • Aceite Arbara

  • Garrafa 3l

  • Botella Cierzo 500ml

  • Botella 500ml

  • Botella 250ml

  • Garrafa Arbara