Olive Cultivation

Con la cosecha automatizada aseguramos el nulo contagio y la limpieza de nuestras olivas en su camino a la almazara.

Olive cultivation

is the set of techniques for cultivation and improvement of the olive tree. Our olive groves are irrigated by drip at 100% of farms, so we can guarantee regularity both in the harvest and in the quality of it. The farms are equipped with the latest technologies and automation to carry out certain work activities such as irrigation sectors, taking into account the type of terrain to apply more or less hours depending on soil permeability,
earrings, etc., and the system subscriber is via the irrigation system (fertigation), so that the compound fertilizer is dissolved with water to be anabolizado by the plant in a more optimal and effective manner.

For us the real factory of our olive oils are our trees, so these will offer the fruit from which we´ll obtnain the juice in a completely natural way without any manipulation,as if orange juice was.